Carbide Die Suppliers

The following resources can be found on line for anyone interested in carbide dies.
Tungsten Carbide Die

The Tungsten Carbide Die recommends the following resources for high quality, low cost dies with delivery:

Carbide Die Resources and Suppliers
What are carbide dies?
Our recommended  carbide die supplier
What is are extrusion dies and what are they used for?
Where can I get drawing dies?

Questions about Tungsten Carbide
What is Tungsten Carbide?
What does a die maker do?

What are some resources for machinist questions?
Practical machinists  -  An online machinists forum.
The Home Shop Machinist - Another machinist forum.
Machinists on Reddit - A social medias take on machine.
Manufacturer Directory - manufacturers and suppliers resource on the web

There are plenty of more resources out there too. Auctions for machinery, tool and die videos, you name it. Let us know if your looking for something not here.

Thanks you!
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