Monday, May 29, 2017

Honoring The Fallen from Tungsten Carbide Dies Blog

Today is Memorial Day here in the US and the Tungsten Carbide Die blog would like to honor those that gave everything for our freedoms. Let's make sure we live our lives in a way that makes their ultimate sacrifice worth it. We need to be thankful for these freedoms we never really consider, I can post any opinion I have on this site without fear of repercussion, I can pursue I business manufacturing carbide dies without worry of it being taken from me and countless other freedoms I enjoy that are taken for granted. These freedoms were paid for across the globe through the deaths of thousands of our men and women, from musket balls at Saratoga to  modern weapons at the current battle in Mosul. I would also like to extend this thank you to our allies that have stood by our side in the battles against tyranny and repression. Thank you to all the fallen!

Monday, January 2, 2017

Machining and Tool and Die 2017

Happy New Years fellow machinists, machine lovers, tool and die workers, carbide die makers and people that don't really love machining but work in the industry! Also, happy new years to that guy that makes candle sticks in his garage with a 1943 lathe! OK, let's calm down. To celebrate I'm doing yet another installment of machining gifs and videos. This eye candy will get everyone going ;)  Just click the video to play.

How metal chips are born

Beautiful Finnish!

Wire Forming

Finally, the worlds biggest 3D printed part.

Have a great 2017!